Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Photo: Madeleine Stowe Poses at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on January 15, 2012

Revenge’s Victoria Grayson is an international woman of mystery on, but her alter-ego, Madeleine Stowe is more than happy to spill the beans about her life.

Mads told Us Magazine 25 fun facts about herself, and we’ve rounded up the top five for you to enjoy!

1. My toes are all the same length.
2. I prefer the company of men to women.
3. I spend a part of each day in an alternate universe. [Edit note: So do we, it’s called Revenge]
4. I can rope cattle.
5. I love corsets.

Really, who hasn’t had their cowboy boots stolen by Daniel Day-Lewis? Head over here for the full list!

Source: Us Magazine

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