Happy Valentine’s Day, Revengers! In the Hamptons, we celebrate holidays of love with murder ... and clams. Natch.

While you all are celebrating the holiday of love with a beachside brunch à la Nolan Ross, we’re busy trying to uncover any and all spoilers surrounding the death in Episode 14, “Sacrifice.”

"After every wedding, you must have a death, so someone's dying," actress Ashley Madekwe (Ashley Davenport) told E! News.

So who will lose their life aboard The Amanda when it explodes in Sunday’s episode? We have our predictions, but the cast has known from day one.

“The life expectancy on that show is insane,” Ashley said. “In the first season, we didn't know who was dying. We just knew somebody was dying, because we had that body on the beach. But in this season, we knew in advance who was dying."

But who could it be? They wouldn’t kill Jack Porter right after Valentine’s Day ... would they?! Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: E! News