We’re only three episodes away from Revenge’s pivotal mid-season twist, set to hit the Hamptons in Episode 14, “Sacrifice.” So far, we know that it’s connected to Amanda Clarke and Jack Porter’s nautical wedding aboard The Amanda, but we bet there’s much more to the story.

This event is supposed to parallel last season’s Fire and Ice Engagement Party, in which Tyler Barrol was murdered and Daniel Grayson was arrested. But this season’s big event promises to be even more exciting.

“There is a shake-up in the Hamptons and Emily’s world [will] be pretty rocked — as are the people who watch the show,” show creator Mike Kelley told TVLine. “The emotional resonance of this particular tragedy is going to be a lot more powerful. This is as powerful emotionally as last year was shock-wise.”

More powerful than a devilish engagement party and a gossip-worthy murder? Color us curious!

Do you think the Season 2 twist will live up to its hype? Weigh in below!

Source: TVLine