Credit: ABC Photo: Amanda Clarke and Daniel Grayson in Revenge Season 1, Episode 10: "Loyalty"

Here's what we learned this week on Revenge Season 1, Episode 10: "Loyalty": Emily has real emotions (or does she?), Nolan has real emotions, and Tyler is a man unhinged without a Klonopin refill. Here's the soundtrack for this week's crazy love octagon:

Song: "Oh! Sweet Nothin'"
Artist: The Velvet Underground

Say a word for Jimmy Brown
He ain't got nothing at all
Not a shirt right off his back
He ain't got nothing at all
And say a word for Ginger Brown
Walks with his head down to the ground
They took the shoes right off his feet
And threw the poor boy right out in the street

And this is what he said
Oh sweet nuthin'
She ain't got nothing at all
Oh sweet nutin'
She ain't got nothing at all


Oh! Sweet nuthin' by The Velvet Underground on Grooveshark

Song: "You're In My Dreams'"
Artist: The Fling

help me along you're my only friend 
I missed that train again 
wandering around in a show 
I don't know which way to go

I walked all night 
they're circlin 
the windows up 
the neighbors sin 
you're in my dreams

when I was young my mind was frail 
I walked along that trail 
leaving the place that I know 
I don't know which way to go

when I woke up 
the desert sun 
you turned your head 
I come undone 
you're in my dreams


Credit: YouTube Photo: Revenge Promo for Season 1, Episode 11: Things Just Got Epic
You're In My Dreams by The Fling on Grooveshark