It's Monday Funday and what better way to kick off another work week than with some Revengey tunes? Check out our roundup of music from Season 2, Episode 6 "Illusion," download your faves, and dance like no one's watchin’! Actually, scratch that. Dance like Daniel Grayson (read: super sad and stiff).

1. "The Deadline" by The Fearless Vampire Killers
Mason enters the White-Haired Man's airstream.

2. "Don't Get Hung Up" by The Stevenson Ranch Davidians
Jack and Kara hang at The Stowaway, remain awkward.

3. "V.O.G." by Sleepy Sun
The Stowaway kick off its grand reopening.

4. "Cosmic Blues" by The Stevenson Ranch Davidians
Jack pops the question to Amanda on The Amanda.

5. "Fool To Love" by U.S. Royalty
Declan watches the news.

6. "Paradise Circus" by Massive Attack
Final scene montage.

Source: Tune Find

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