Credit: ABC Photo: Amanda Clarke Stares at the Ocean in Revenge Season 1, Episode 10: "Loyalty"

Normally it’s Nolan (Gabriel Mann) who has most of Revenge’s snappy one-liners, but everyone was on fire in Season 1, Episode 10, “Loyalty.” Even Emily (Emily VanCamp) was getting saucy! Check out our top 10 quotes from this week’s episode of Revenge.

10. How to get into the corner office
Conrad (to Daniel): “Envy can be a powerful motivator.”

9. Jack judges Emily
Jack (to Emily): “You’re a really good person, you know that?”

8. Not yet, anyway
Tyler (to Conrad): “At least when I do business, people don’t die.”

7. Pretty good, for a ghost
Emily (to Jack): “How’s the wonder dog?”

6. Monaco’s for wizards?
Nolan (to Tyler): “Miami’s for trolls.”

5. Nolan’s a sad boat captain
Tyler (to Nolan): “Now you’re just as lonely and pathetic as the day I found you.”

4. Foreshadowing much?
Tyler (to Daniel): “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

3. Don’t be an ass
Tyler (to Nolan): “Lighten up, Eeyore.”

2. Listen to your mentor
Satoshi (to Emily): “Do not let the feelings that you pretend for this boy grow true.”

1. Is this the end of a beautiful revenge-ship?
Emily (to Nolan): “Now you’ve sabotaged our alliance because you fell for a hooker.”