We all breathed a sigh of relief and took sips of champagne when Revenge returned tonight. It was a welcome change to our Sunday evening routine of sobbing while our favorite shoreside drama was on winter hiatus for more than a month. 

But how did the first episode back hold up? Ems and Aiden had a faux-breakup that completely fooled the all-too gullible Daniel Grayson, positioning the revenge queen to get back in the romance game via Victoria Grayson.

We were also introduced to the not-so honorable judge Robert Barnes and his wife, Patricia. Patty totally rocked a charity dinner, adding a new red X to Emily Thorne’s list and standing up to her abusive husband.

Oh, and Jack and Declan got into deeper trouble, but what else is new?

What did you think of Episode 10, “Power”? Weigh in below!