Though Jack Porter’s all about loyalty and doing the right thing, his fiancée is only interested in protecting her family. In last week’s episode, “Sabotage,” Mandy bought an illegal gun to take out the Ryan brothers for good. 

Now she’s attempting to “play nice” and work with Conrad Grayson to take down these Montauk menaces without shedding any blood.

But when Amanda tells Conrad and Ashley Davenport that Matt Duncan is responsible for the murder of Joe Ryan Sr., Jack immediately defends his former neighbor.

“Without Matt Duncan, my dad would have lost The Stowaway six years ago. He protected us then. I’m standing by him now,” Jack declares.  

But Conrad’s not impressed with the bartender’s loyalty.

“Unlike you, Mr. Porter, I value self preservation and living,” he said. “I’m afraid I’m unable to help you if you’re unwilling to help yourselves.”

Conrad’s help could be their only hope at taking out the Ryans, but will Jack throw Matt under the bus? Tell us what you think below!