In some ways, Revenge’s Emily Thorne is a bit of a superhero. Sure, she has an occasional lapse in morals, allows pregnant ex-strippers to fall into the line of fire, and enjoys sleeping with her enemy’s son, but other than that, she mostly attempts to “right wrongs.”

So it only make sense that when casting one of our favorite shoreside drama’s many villains, the production crew pull from an actual superhero villain. 

Credit: Claire Greenway/Getty Images Photo: Burn Gorman

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Revenge can expect the Dark Knight Rises star Burn Gorman to appear as a character named Trask — one of Americon Initiative’s representatives. 

The actor is used to being a part of the big bad. In The Dark Knight Rises, he played Stryver, a representative of Bane who tried to kill Catwoman after she managed to snag Bruce Wayne’s fingerprints.

Burn is also known for his role as Owen Harper on Torchwood. No details yet as to when Burn will appear on the show, but with his villainous experience, he’s likely to know his way around a deadly laser beam.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter