When we said goodbye to Fauxmanda Clarke in Sunday’s episode of Revenge, “Sacrifice,” we bid adieu not only to the loving mother of Baby Carl David and wife of Jack Porter, but also the Hamptons' most exciting resident.

This ex-stripper brought the ladies of Beaver Dam into Grayson Manor, danced on top of The Stowaway’s bar, and made out with a chick right in front of Captain Jack. Needless to say, homegirl was interesting.

Her death leaves a wild child void in the Hamptons that producers are clearly looking to fill. According to a new spoiler from TVLine, casting is underway for the role of Regina, “a cynical, sharp-tongued 18-year-old who possesses a vicious sense of humor and a wild streak.”

Umm, pick us!

Chances are this newbie could cause just as many problems for Emily Thorne as Fauxmanda did, but maybe she’ll end up risking her neck for our favorite Revenger.

Are you excited for this new role? Tell us below!

Source: TVLine