The Revenge mystery continues! Just when we thought we knew some details about the mid-season deaths, the cast throws yet another curveball at us.

Yesterday newcomer JR Bourne (Kenny Ryan) tweeted a very telling photo from the set saying, “Wait...what set am I on??”

Credit: Twitter Photo: JR Bourne and Connor Paolo on the Revenge Set, February 7, 2013

Also in the photo is actor Connor Paolo (Declan Porter). Both actors look very concerned and appear to be in an industrial-looking parking garage. Considering Episode 14 has long since wrapped, we have a feeling that both Kenny and Declan are safe from the death in “Sacrifice.”

Could Kenny be protecting Declan after the death of both of their brothers Nate Ryan and Jack Porter? Or maybe Kenny’s attacking Declan to finish off the Porters or upset Jack?

So. Many. Questions.

Kenny does seem to be the more reasonable Ryan brother so chances are he was going to make it out alive anyway, but it’s interesting that he’s still around and hanging out with the Porters.

Do you like Kenny or should he have died in Episode 14? Tell us below!