We’re still reeling from Victoria Grayson’s flawless murder in tonight’s brand new episode of Revenge Season 2, “Union,” but that’s not the only shocker we witnessed. After a painful and annoying relationship, Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke finally decided to tie the knot.

And though we’re petitioning for a quicky divorce, we have to admit, the wedding was pretty romantic. In one of her most selfless acts to date, Emily Thorne handed over the handmade wedding band she had given Jack in their pretend, childhood wedding during the couple’s vows.

Cue sobbing.

Jack’s delight and Fauxmanda’s tears combined with Aiden’s cliffside wedding crashing was enough to make us all weep.

We really never thought this day would come. Just like we never thought baby Carl David was really Jack’s child (obviously, he’s too perfect to come from that line of bad haircuts).

Were you surprised that Jack and Amanda actually got married? Tell us below!