Credit: STILL

You guys! It might be time to say goodbye to one of our favorite characters on Revenge. It’s like the time Nolan Ross cut his hair ... maybe worse.

In the promo for Episode 14, “Sacrifice,” Revenge producers probably thought we wouldn’t catch on to the sneaky 2-second montage of images straight from the mid-season climax.

But Wetpaint Entertainment poured through the images and landed on one in particular that made our blood run cold.

In the pic we see a male, passed out on cushions with a gunshot wound in his left side. Who is this mystery man? At first we thought it might be Nate Ryan, but Nate’s blue shirt is unbuttoned with a black T-shirt underneath.

Credit: STILL

So the next logical guess is Jack Porter. Say it ain’t so! After comparing several images of Jack’s face with this still image, we’ve confirmed that Jack’s unconscious body is the one in this picture.

Does that mean Jack dies? Potentially.

The wayward seaman was just married and the dead hand at the bottom of the ocean belongs to a married man. That doesn’t mean that Jack’s the only possible victim, but things aren’t looking good for the shaggy-haired captain.

That gunshot wound isn’t necessarily fatal, but it’s not looking good either.

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