We’re still three painfully long weeks out from the return of Revenge, so we’ll have to amuse ourselves with spoilers for upcoming episodes.

When Revenge returns on Jan. 6, 2013 we’ll be on the edge of our seats for Episode 10, “Power.” But what can we expect to happen? In addition to the clues we deduced from the promo, SpoilerTV has also released the synopsis for “Power”:

Victoria starts planning a scheme that includes Emily; Emily locks in on a new target; Declan learns something that may threaten the Stowaway's future.

We also know that the episode will focus on a judge and his wife with a scandalous past. If that’s not enough incentive to tune in, we also have a feeling that Daniel and Emily might be getting back together, which may have something to do with the “scheme” Victoria’s planning.

Are you excited for this episode? Weigh in below!

Source: SpoilerTV

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