Revenge Season 2 will return this Sunday (March 10) with Episode 15, “Retribution,” but we’re already looking ahead to the rest of this season in which we’ll see a bigger, badder Emily Thorne and the blossoming Revenger, Jack Porter.

Titles and details have already been released for Episode 16, “Illumination,” Episode 17, “Victory,” Episode 18, “Masquerade,” and now Episode 19, “Identity.”

According to SpoilerTV, “Identity” will contain a flashback to 1973. We’re not sure if the entire episode will be a flashback, but we’re definitely doing the time warp ... again.

That’s too far back to feature a young Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) so maybe we’ll learn more about David Clarke or Victoria Grayson.

So far, Revenge has featured two complete flashback episodes. Season 1’s “Legacy” showed us Emily’s first run-in with the Graysons at a New Year’s party and Season 2’s “Lineage” took us back to Emily’s first encounter with Aiden Mathis in 2006.

These episodes were all very informative, but we’re not sure how exciting an Emily Thorne-less flashback would be (unless we got the history of Satoshi Takeda’s rattail!).

Are you excited for this flashback? Tell us below!

Source: SpoilerTV