Though he’s typically the one pulling the trigger, the White-Haired Man took a bullet to the back in the final scene of tonight’s episode of Revenge Season 2, “Resurrection.”  

Mysterious Brit, Aiden Mathias, was the shooter this time around and it seems he’s been taking some pointers from his sensei, Satoshi Takeda.

The WHM dropped to the ground and released his grip on Emily Thorne’s neck, but is this cotton top gone for good? According to some new spoiler photos from Episode 3, “Confidence,” there’s definitely a body on the ground as Emily and Aiden talk.

Show creator Mike Kelley teased that Aiden’s “extremely violent action” would cause Emily some major setbacks on the quest to find her mother. This indicates that he has either killed or caused brain damage to our blue-eyed villain.

What do you think? Is the White-Haired Man dead? Vote below!

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