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The nail biting mid-season climax of Revenge Season 2 is coming up in the next couple of episodes, and if it’s anything like last season’s Fire and Ice engagement party, it’s sure to be a dramafest and involve at least one murder.

We got a preview of what’s to come in the opening scene of Season 2’s premiere episode, “Destiny.” Now, 12 episodes in and plenty of spoilers to boot, here’s what we know about the dead body at the bottom of the ocean.

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1) The Death Will Happen in Episode 14

Episode 14 will truly show a “Sacrifice.” The show creator and cast have all confirmed that this season’s big death will take place in Episode 14. This Sunday’s episode, “Union,” is Episode 13, so it won’t be long! “Union” will feature Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke’s beachside wedding, and Episode 14, “Sacrifice,” will show their chaotic honeymoon.

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2) The Death Is Connected to The Amanda’s Explosion

Jack and Amanda don’t make it to their honeymoon spot and instead fight for their lives aboard The Amanda. Jack discovers a bomb on the beloved boat, and in the new sneak peek, we see two figures lunging from the boat mid-explosion. But who doesn’t make it off alive?

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3) The Body Is Found Amongst the Porters’ Possessions

In addition to the destroyed ship, rescuers also uncover Jack’s mariner’s compass and a family photo of the Porters. Could one of the Porters be under water?

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4) The Hand of the Deceased Belongs to a Married Male

In the Season 2 premiere, the rescuers uncover the hand of the deceased. If you pause on that image, the hand appears to belong to a married man. Hmmm, we know someone who just had a wedding.

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5) It’s Not Nolan Ross or Ashley Davenport

There was a recent on-set photo of Nolan Ross, Ashley Davenport, Christa Allen, and newcomer Collins Pennie. Nolan and Ashley were both thought to be potential victims, but since the cast has long since finished filming Episode 14, we can assume these two are safe.

6) There Might Be More Than One Death

Who says only one person dies? One dead hand does not equal one dead body. Actress Madeleine Stowe recently teased that there might be a “couple” of deaths in this episode. We hope at least one of the Ryan brothers will make an early exit.

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7) The Victim Is Somehow Involved in a Fight Aboard The Amanda

Not only is there a bomb aboard The Amanda, but Fauxmanda Clarke is also wielding a gun and shooting at some unseen villain. Naturally, Emily Thorne climbs aboard to help her besties and knocks someone out in the process with a shovel.

8) The Victim Will Give His or Her Life For Emily Thorne

In a recent promo the voiceover said, “Someone she loves will make the ultimate sacrifice, for her.” The clip showed images of Daniel Grayson, Jack Porter, Aiden Mathis, and Nolan Ross — say it ain’t so!

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