Revenge's Season 2 finale is almost upon us, and we have so many burning questions. Actually, we have exactly five burning questions, all of which we fully expect to be answered during the two-hour Revenge-a-palooza on May 12. Check 'em out –– and no, "Why Does Declan Wear Jewelry?" is not on this list, because that is a rhetorical question that will never be answered by anyone.

1. Who Is Victoria's Son?

Apparently Victoria has yet another illegitimate love child wandering around the backwoods, and unless someone tells us who he is, we're just going to assume dude is feral and living in the sand dunes outside Emily's bungalow. Much like everyone else on this show. To be honest, we'd love nothing more than for Victoria's spawn to be someone we know and love –– preferably Aiden Mathis or Nolan Ross. What? Crazier things have happened. Like Declan impregnating Charlotte.

2. What Is Takeda's Secret?

Before Aiden murdered Takeda in cold blood (how dare you, Aiden, HOW DARE YOU), he threatened to expose our favorite sensei's "secret" to Emily. Um, come again, Aiden? As far as we know, Takeda has been honest about his revegenda, so unless the big secret is that his rat tail was fake, Aiden has some serious explaining to do. We're thinking Takeda's secret is probably tied into his mysterious fact, head over here for a theory that will straight-up blow your mind. Two words: Papa Falcon.

3. Will Charlotte Keep Her Baby?

Remember back when Charlotte was completely obsessed with Baby Carl David? So do her ovaries. Clearly this gal's lady parts were so inspired by her maternal instincts that they decided to have a baby with everyone's favorite seaman, Declan Porter. The real question: will Charlotte keep her bundle of sea-urchiny love, or will she choose to end her pregnancy / give the baby up for adoption? Let's not forget that this gal is headed for Harvard –– but let's also not forget that Charlotte might not want to follow in her mom's footsteps....

4. Who Will Die?

In case you hadn't heard the traumatizing news, one of Revenge's main cast members will die during the season finale. We're trying to prepare our bodies for this emotional roller coaster, but it's kind of hard considering that the unlucky Hamptonite could be anyone from Conrad Grayson (sad, but we can deal) to Nolan Ross (OMG, we're dying, dead, gone). All we know is that if Declan ends up six feet under, we're growing our hair into a mushroom cut.

5. Will Emily and Daniel Get Married?

Daniel and Emily are officially re-engaged despite the fact that they've only been official for, like, five minutes, and spoiler alert! They're moving to Paris and tying the knot! We have no idea what Emily is thinking (how is she going to take down The Initiative from France?), but the real question? Will she and Daniel go through with their nuptials, or will yet another death get in the way of their wedded bliss? These are the things that keep us up at night. Well, and our scrap book full of Daniel's shirtless pics.

What are your biggest questions going into the finale? Ask them in the comments below!