Credit: Instagram Photo: Henry Czerny, Ashley Madekwe, Gabriel Mann, Connor Paolo, and Nick Wechsler at the Season 3 Finale Table Read

We’re so anxious to find out what happens in the Season 2 finale that we’ve been burning down houses and drawing in red Sharpie for weeks. Luckily, the Revenge cast is already prepping to tape the two-part ending to the shoreside drama. Since we’re still not sure if the show will be renewed for Season 3, this could be the last time the gang’s together for a table read (don’t panic, they’ll probably be back this fall!).

To document the bittersweet moment, actress Ashley Madekwe snapped a shot on Instagram saying, “Last table read of season 2.... Ep 22 had us all crying! #revenge.”

In it we can see Henry Czerny (Conrad Grayson), Connor Paolo (Declan Porter), Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross), and Nick Wechsler (Jack Porter) crowded around the table going over the finale script.

This season’s end will be composed of two episodes (21 and 22) that will air back-to-back on Sunday, May 12. “Truth Part 1” and “Truth Part 2” are sure to be even more drama-filled than the epic Season 1 finale.

And we’re wondering if the tears that Ashley was referencing are solely due to the season ending or if they are a product of another major death. In Episode 14, “Sacrifice,” we lost Fauxmanda Clarke, but was hers the final major death this season?

Guess we’ll have to wait to find out! Are you excited for the Season 2 finale? Tell us below!