Credit: STILL

After last night’s exciting episode of Revenge brought us the death of Satoshi Takeda, we weren’t sure we’d be able to recover in time for the finale on May 12. In this new sneak peek, Emily Thorne discovers her master’s lifeless body with a fatal stab wound.

Credit: STILL Photo: Photos Inside Takeda's Box

Since Aiden hasn’t told her the news, she immediately thinks that an enemy of Takeda’s is after her and Aiden. While trying to clean up a bit, Ems stumbles on Takeda’s own personal “Infinity Box” complete with two images one a pretty woman and another a surveillance shot of a man with his face circled.

Could this man be a suspect or a member of The Initiative? Perhaps, but Emily will certainly get to the bottom of it. Now Ems has even more pieces of the puzzle to put together and time is running out!

Watch the clip and tell us what you think below!