Everyone’s favorite Montauk bar is more than just a place for Daniel Grayson and Tyler Barrol to get drunk and pick up trashy chicks it’s also a full-blown restaurant.

Fine dining establishment Porter’s Stowaway Tavern (its official name) offers the best bar and seafood in the area. How do we know this? Yesterday, a Revenge production assistant leaked some detailed shots of the beloved bar’s menu.

This particular behind-the-scenes source recommends the “Colossal Martini with Fried Oysters.”

We did notice one small discrepancy on this lengthy list, though. When Victoria Grayson made her infamous visit to the local watering hole, she asked Declan Porter for the wine list. He informed her they had two wines red and white. But if you look in the top right corner, there are more than 15 different wine choices! Busted, Dec.

What would you order at the Stowaway? Tell us below!

Credit: Twitter

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