Manipulation is a daily part of most Hamptonites' lives on Revenge. If it weren’t, most of them wouldn't still be here.

In last Sunday’s episode, "Sabotage," Ashley Davenport made her way back into the hallowed halls of Grayson Manor head held high and demands in hand. She wasn’t ready to let all of her hard work end up in the trash, so she went directly to Conrad demanding a position.

“I know where the bodies are buried — literal and figurative,” she said with a smirk.

And it just so happens that Conrad’s in need of someone to manage his campaign. That’s right, Connie the con man is running for office. He’s retiring his Bermuda shorts and golf game for a blazer and some campaign posters.

Ashley made it clear that she’s no longer working for Victoria, but she’s definitely landed herself a spot on the campaign trail. And Ash has already proven herself worthy of the job by convincing Conrad to break Jack Porter out of jail — a strategic move to make Papa Grayson look extra humanitarian.

Considering Ashley’s already planned numerous charity events and social dinners, she’ll fit right in when managing fundraising for Conrad’s campaign. And with Ashley by his side, chances are Connie's got a decent shot at a stint in office. God save America.

Are you surprised Ashley was able to con her way back into Grayson Manor? Weigh in below!