There’s a big fight coming up on Revenge and it’s certainly going to have a deadly result. We’ve been gathering plenty of spoilers as to who dies in Episode 14, “Sacrifice,” but we do know that Emily Thorne tries to come to Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke’s rescue.

This poses the question: If forced to choose, would Emily save Jack or Amanda’s life?

Jack is her childhood sweetheart who she’s felt destined to be with from the start, but Mandy has sacrificed so much for Emily that she should definitely feel indebted to her.

Amanda has risked her life for Emily on several occasions, even killing her enemies to keep them quiet.

Em’s faux-twin also is a key part of her revengenda. Jack plays no part in Emily’s plans to take down the Graysons. But would the Revenge queen really be able to make such a cold, calculated move?

Who do you think Emily would choose? Tell us below!