Credit: STILL

Honor and nobility are great and all, but they won’t protect you when evil members of the Montauk Mafia know you’ve killed their dad. That’s right, we’re talking about Revenge’s Matt Duncan.

Carl Porter Sr.’s former bestie snagged his gun and popped a cap in Joe Ryan’s ass back in 2006. Matt got away with it, and Carl passed away in the pilot episode from a heart attack. But the Porters aren’t out of hot water yet. Nate and Kenny Ryan have returned to Montauk to find out who killed their father and to take over the Docks.

In last Sunday’s episode, “Collusion,” Matt finally confessed to the murder of Joe Ryan, and considering Nate and Kenny have some friends on the inside, jail isn’t necessarily a safe place
for him.

Nate seems more focused on taking over The Docks and running them in his father’s image, but will the Ryans go after Matt for killing Papa Joe? Tell us what you think below!