Credit: STILL

Plenty of Revengers and their family members have fallen victim to The Initiative since the show began. But will Padma Lahari’s father be added to the list of Season 2 deaths? Don’t hold his memorial service yet!

In Episode 14, “Sacrifice,” Padma and Aiden Mathis tried reaching out to the terrorist organization to confirm that Padma’s father was, in fact, alive. Nolcorp’s CFO refused to continue searching for the Carrion program without proof that her father was OK.

In return, the latest uber creepy rep for The Initiative, Trask, sent a “friendly” package containing the finger of Padma’s father.

“You can check the fingerprint,” Trask said.

Ummm, no thanks, BRB vomiting.

So chances are, Mr. Lahari is alive, but only has nine digits. Woops, Padma’s bad!

Now that The Initiative is responsible for the death of David Clarke, Colleen Mathis, and many others, will Padma’s father be next? Tell us your thoughts below!