Credit: STILL

Somehow we missed this spoiler-happy interview from Extra TV before last Sunday’s episode of Revenge Season 2, “Sacrifice.” If we had see it, the shocking death would have been completely spoiled. The video was taken as the cast filmed an upcoming episode and at one point in the clip, the camera pans to Jack Porter and Victoria Grayson standing next to a large portrait of Amanda Clarke.

Credit: STILL

The portrait of Amanda was similar to the image we spotted early this season at Victoria’s faux-memorial service. This shot clearly showed that Mandy was a goner. And perhaps even more shocking, we see Jack and Victoria share a hug while filming later in the clip.

Could Jack be losing his mind? Or perhaps he’s taken to revenge-ing, Emily Thorne-style, and has plans to infiltrate Grayson Manor and take the Hamptons’ most notorious family down from the inside.

He knows that Conrad was involved in Nate Ryan’s presence aboard The Amanda, which led to the ultimate demise of his beloved boat and the loss of his bride. He also knows that the Graysons ruined Amanda Clarke’s life, and though he might not know the truth about Amanda’s identity, he still believes the woman he married was wronged by these people.

Could this floppy-haired barkeep have a future in a black hoodie? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Extra TV