These days on Revenge Jack Porter is running around the Hamptons like a lobster with its head cut off. He’s pushing his real friends like Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross away, and cozying up to the Graysons. JP, yes, they dress well, but obviously they’re evil. Their foyer is still stained with your wife’s blood!

But hopefully Jack will get a clue soon and start picking the right friends. In the synopsis for Episode 18, “Masquerade,” we see that Captain Porter is about to get some help revenging.

“Jack steps up his revenge plan and finds an unexpected ally,” the synopsis reads.

Who could this new partner in crime be? In the new set of spoiler photos from “Masquerade,” we see Conrad Grayson hosting a public forum at The Stowaway. The event itself isn’t too exciting, but it looks like Jack is letting a new lady behind his counter — Ashley Davenport!

The Hamptons most notorious party planner is busy planning Conrad’s gubernatorial campaign, but in Episode 15, “Retribution,” homegirl had a serious meltdown. She confronted Conrad about his involvement in Amanda Clarke’s death.


Naturally, Connie turned the tables on her calling her the “architect” of the deal that had Nate Ryan gunning for Mandy’s blood.

But we know Ash’s conscience is about to come into play and we have a feeling she’s going to channel her moral struggle into helping Jack.

In the spoiler photos, Ash is spotted looking shifty on her iPad and we later see a photo of Nolan Ross at the top of the stairs also on an iPad. Could some cyber revenging be going on? Fingers crossed!

Do you think Ashley will be an ally for Jack or a double agent? Weigh in below!