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With only 41 days left until the Season 2 premiere of Revenge, ABC caused us to drop our Infinity Boxes this weekend when they released the first promo with new footage.

The trailer opens with Season 1 footage of Emily Thorne being a badass, but around the 17-second mark, we picked up our red Sharpies and started analyzing the new clips.

Here’s our scene-by-scene analysis:

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Emily Thorne Shoves Man Against a Rock

Soaking wet, the queen of revenge throws an unknown man against a rock and places a knife to his throat.

“Dead or alive, I’m going to find out what happened,” she says.

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This could mean several things. She could be saying that his life doesn’t matter and she’ll find out the truth regardless of whether or not she kills him. Or it could be that Emily still plans to uncover the truth whether or not her mother is alive.

This martial arts pro looks pretty menacing, but the last time she was given the opportunity to kill, she turned it down, so we’re not expecting a bloodbath here.

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Emily Hugs Someone on a Crowded Boat

We’d recognize that chestnut brown hair anywhere. That’s Charlotte Grayson giving Ems a hug. We already know that Char survives (courtesy of actress Christa Allen), but we’re a little vague on the details surrounding this hug.

Charlotte and Emily did have a bit of a bond when Ems was her sister-in-law to be, but she doesn’t have any clue that Emily is actually Amanda Clarke (aka her half sister).

We did get the spoiler that someone important discovers Emily Thorne’s true identity. Could this be the character?

Also, note their surroundings. From the looks of the background, decorations, and attendees, Emily and Charlotte are on the boat, which is supposedly the setting for Season 2’s “big event.”

Emily’s also wearing a red dress and bracelet identical the ones seen in this on-set photo.

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Ashley and Daniel Get Friendly

For just a split second we see Ashley Davenport leaning in to plant a kiss on Daniel Grayson’s cheek. This comes as no surprise since we know that the two definitely hooked up.

She’s wearing this yellow dress, and also looking very menacing in this shot as Daniel looks on unphased. Could this be his apathy toward life post-Emily?

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Emily’s Tied to a Wooden Post

We’ve been waiting to see shots of Ms. Thorne’s mysterious wooden post ordeal. After actress Emily VanCamp tweeted about it, we’ve been a little more than curious.  

Note the two figures (seemingly male) dressed in black on the left side of the frame. We bet they are connected to the Americon Initiative. And if you check out Em’s hairstyle, you might remember it from the first shot where she’s beating up a man in black.

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In these photos, she’s wearing a black sweatshirt, and in the shots of her threatening the guy with a knife, she has on a tank top. Could she have pulled another Houdini with her jacket (circa Revenge Season 1 finale)?

Do you agree with our assessment? Tell us below!

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