Like pieces of the David Clarke puzzle, clues about the Revenge Season 2 finale have been streaming in and piquing our curiosity. Originally we heard that Episode 22 would be a two-hour finale airing on May 12. Then we learned that Episodes 21 and 22 will be titled “Truth Part 1” and “Truth Part 2.”

Now E! News reports that instead of a 2-hour Episode 22, both one-hour Episodes 21 and 22 will air back-to-back on May 12.  

Basically, May 12 will feature double scoops of caviar and extra hoodie action! We already know that the finale will be centered around Nolan Ross and that someone close to Emily Thorne will betray her.

Our on-going guesses revolve around the idea that someone reveals Emily’s ultimate “Truth” (aka her real identity). There are already plenty of Hamptonites who know that Ems is the real Amanda Clarke, and most of them are dead, friends, or have been kept quiet.

If this intel slips into the wrong hands, Emily’s entire mission could be blown. We’re trying not to panic, but how can you not?!

Are you excited for this two-episode, two-hour finale event, or is that too much Revenge in one sitting? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: E! News