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After the explosive Revenge finale last night, you'd think season 2 would open with a funeral (or two ... or three). Instead, people will flock to an altogether different occasion: a wedding!

As creator Mike Kelley teased months ago, someone may be getting hitched in the season 2 premiere.

"You know how we opened up season one with the engagement party?" he told E! Online. " I can tell you that season two we are looking at opening with a flash forward to a wedding."

Kelley has hedged a bit since then on whose wedding it will be. But based on "Reckoning," here are our three guesses: 

1.  Jack and Amanda: She's pregnant, he's a stand-up guy who think she's his childhood sweetheart

2.  Daniel and Ashley: The brokenhearted Grayson scion seemed ready to move on (very quickly) after his engagement to Emily dissolved

3.  Emily and unknown guy: Revenge loves flashbacks, and it seems like a fitting twist to see Emily marrying someone we've never met.

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