If you were lucky enough to catch last night’s rerun of Revenge’s Season 1 finale, you were also treated to a new promo in the series of clips for the Sept. 30 premiere of Season 2.

This third official trailer left us overly excited, but also filled with plenty of questions. Here’s our scene-by-scene analysis of the latest footage:

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Victoria Grayson, May She Rest in Peace

Though the current status of everyone’s favorite Hamptons Queen is still undetermined, it’s clear from the shots of Victoria Grayson’s memorial service that everyone thinks she’s dead. We hear Ashley Davenport’s voice saying, “The late, great Victoria Grayson,” followed by Conrad saying, “May she rest in peace.”

Yeah, we bet you want Vicky out of the way, Conrad! With his ultimate nemesis potentially eliminated, Conrad’s set to rule the kingdom any way he sees fit. He did warn her that getting on that plane would be the last thing she’d do.

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Emily’s Got a Thorne in Her Side

That’s a croc death glare of doom if we’ve ever seen one! Ems walks away from a concerned-looking Nolan, set on a mission. Maybe she’s about to give Ash a piece of her mind for stealing her former man.

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Jack and Emily Are Pretty Transparent

Actor Nick Wechsler did tease a “moment” between childhood sweethearts Emily Thorne and Jack Porter in the Season 2 premiere. Here, we see Emily walking up to a glass (window or door) and smiling when she sees Jack’s reflection. Sigh, can’t these two just be together already?!

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“My Priorities Have Shifted”

Ems confides in her sexy sidekick Nolan Ross as they stroll through what appears to be a training arena. Her shift in priorities probably centers around her new quest to find her disturbed mother. Cut to quick shots of Nolan working out, Emily smiling with wet hair, and a shirtless Jack Porter? Too many feelings to process!

We know that Nolan will be beefing up his workout regimen after getting whooped by Frank, Tyler, and the White-Haired Man last season, but could the shots of Emily and Jack indicate a potential Season 2 hook up?! We can only dream, Revengers.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Emily in Crosshairs

Emily Thorne Is in the Crosshairs

Nolan warns Ems that “they’re” coming for her, and we see a gunman has her in his scope — not that she seems concerned. Cut to the White-Haired Man holding a handgun, looking mighty pissed.

Could he be the one targeting Ems or do they have a truce due to the fact that she spared his life and all?

What do you think of the latest promo? Tell us below!

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