It’s no secret that we have a double infinity crush on the Hamptons' biggest tech genius, Nolan Ross, but homeboy simply can’t seem to keep out of trouble! In last night’s episode of Revenge “Union,", not only did he inform Padma Lahari that he was privy to her double agent work, but he also chose to trust her.

Nolan, has Emily Thorne taught you nothing?

Padma claims The Initiative has kidnapped her father and is threatening his life if she doesn’t produce Nolan’s Carrion program. But why should we believe this newcomer’s tale?

“My feelings for you defy logic,” Nolan explains.

Umm dude, you just met her less than half a season ago, and she’s clearly not your soulmate (cough, Emily, cough).

Padma does seem to be a victim in this instance, but do you think she’s simply playing our favorite sexy sidekick? Tell us your thoughts below!