In a new sneak peek from Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, “Revelations,” we see Ashley Davenport undressing a newly-empowered Daniel Grayson.

But there’s a method to this former-hooker’s madness: While she’s putting her call girl training to good use, Ms. Davenport is also convincing Daniel to leave Aiden out of his Grayson Global takeover plot.

Is it possible she really does remember her 2006 connection to the British babe? Or does she just not trust him because he’s now dating Emily?

It’s hard to be sure one way or the other with this one. She’s always up to something, and thanks to some scandalous new shots from this week’s promo, we know that Danny isn’t the only one in her bed this time around.

Why doesn’t Ashley want Aiden involved with the takeover of Nolcorp? Weigh in below!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Preview Clip: Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, "Revelations," Sneak Peek — Ashley Seduces Daniel (VIDEO)

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