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It seems that former daddy’s girl Charlotte Grayson has switched sides. In this brand new spoiler clip, courtesy of Revenge: The First Chapter special that aired on ABC last night, we see Charlotte attending her mother’s memorial service and art auction.

The event takes place on the same yacht as last year’s Memorial Day art auction, but this time, Char’s the one saying a few words in place of her dearly departed mother.

And though Charlotte seems to be doing better, her drug test results have come back positive.

“Dad, you did this!” she screamed. “You blew up that plane and now you’re trying to keep me locked up!”


She then breaks free from Daniel and her rehab aid to whisper in Emily’s ear. All we can hear before Nolan’s narration cuts in is, “You have to go ...”

Could this mean that Charlotte is, in fact, the one who discovers Ms. Thorne’s true identity? And does she have evidence of Conrad’s involvement in the plane explosion?

Watch the clip and tell us what you think below!

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