Victoria Grayson has more secrets than her bandage dresses (and that’s saying something). But this Revenge matriarch’s skeletons are knocking down her closet doors to get out, and Emily Thorne’s doing everything she can to help.

Lately, Vicki’s been tight-lipped about her first son, who she had back at age 16 in 1973. Conrad thinks she had an abortion, but we know that Victoria put her offspring in the care of a Catholic school-teaching nun named Sister Rebecca Gallagher.

The nun has never revealed to the boy that Victoria is his mother, so the Ice Queen thinks she’s safe. But when you have a millionaire nemesis who effortlessly rocks a plethora of black hoodies, no secret’s ever safe.

Part of the synopsis for Episode 19, “Identity,” reads: “Victoria fights her own battle after a very exposing interview on Nightline.” And in the spoiler photos from the episode, we see Victoria and Conrad sitting down for the interview, looking incredibly uncomfortable.

Could Ems have told the reporters about Vicki’s first child? We certainly wouldn’t put it past her.

Do you think Victoria will be able to keep her first son a secret? Weigh in below!