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She’s not an ex-stripper, but Emily Thorne certainly has opened up her bed. We first saw her getting freaky in the sheets with Daniel Grayson on Season 1 of Revenge, and at the time we weren’t sure if she was doing it to further her plan for vengeance or because she had real feelings for the poetic preppy. 

Then, after a tearful kiss with Jack Porter over the dying body of Sammy the Dog (we’re still sobbing), Ems and Danny were dunzo.

A few weeks later Aiden “I Like Shooting People” Mathis showed up in our girl’s life, and after playing hard to get for a few minutes, Ems showed him her Infinity Box (in every sense of the word).

Credit: STILL

Now she has to “pretend” to be back with Daniel while still secretly dating Aiden. And though Aiden’s tried to get Emily out of her relationship with the Grayson Global head several times, she can’t seem to stay away. 

In the promo for Sunday’s episode, “Collusion,” we see Ems and Danny getting back to a “comfortable” place. Could their consummation of fauxmance part deux drive Aiden off the deep end? Considering we see him carrying out orders to kill Victoria Grayson, our guess is yes!

Do you think Emily really cares for Daniel or is this all business? Tell us below! 

Credit: YouTube Photo: Revenge Promo For Season 2, Episode 12: "Collusion" (VIDEO)