Apparently Emily Thorne was a pyro long before she burnt Mason Treadwell’s house to a crisp. The Revenge Queen has been lighting matches and starting blazes since her days in foster care. But she didn’t just destroy homes on a whim...

Ems and her foster brother Eli James were abused as children by their foster mother Meredith Hayward. As a result, Emily burnt down their foster home. And, per Eli’s request, Victoria Grayson is about to extend a tea invitation to Meredith.

In a sneak peek we see Eli suggesting Meredith’s involvement in the Amanda Clarke Foundation. Another sneak peek tells us that Emily’s not too thrilled by this suggestion, but that Meredith might be hiding some of David Clarke’s letters.


“She kept a bunch of letters your father had written,” Eli says.

“You’re lying,” Emily replies.

“Doesn’t seem like a man who didn’t love his daughter to me,” Eli says handing her a letter.

“Where did you get this?” she asks.

“Found it in the Hayward’s safe after they took you away,” he continues. “I could only pocket one after she caught me. As far as I know she still has the rest.”

Now Eli hopes to get the rest of the letters back for Emily, and he thinks the way to do this is by involving Meredith in the charity.

In the spoiler photos for Episode 17, “Victory,” we see Meredith making a special trip to Grayson Manor. So tune in Sunday, March 24 to see the abusive foster mother in the flesh!

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