Though actor Gabriel Mann has admitted to wanting a “Nemily” hookup before the end of Revenge, his character Nolan Ross is already suffering from some Emily Thorne-related heartache and he’s not even romantically interested in her (at the moment).
There’s a new man in Emily’s life by the name of Aiden Mathias, and what makes this newcomer different than the Daniel Graysons and Jack Porters of the world is his knowledge of her past, true identity, and mission.

Aiden trained with Ems in revenge school so when the two decide to hook up, he knows almost as much about her as the Nolster.

According to executive producer Melissa Loy, that’s not always a good thing for Em’s faithful partner in crime.

“Nolan will always be her no. 1 sidekick and sounding board so the nature of that relationship will always stay fun, but there will be a bit of tension built up and hurt feelings when Emily turns her attention to [Aiden],” she told TV Guide.

Poor guy! Fortunately, he will be keeping busy with some romance of his own this season.

“We branch off a bit and explore his world more instead of it always being Emily’s, and there is someone in Nolan’s life that comes along, played by Dilshad Vadsaria, who comes in as a misfit kind of like him,” Melissa revealed.

This “special someone” goes by the name of Padma. She and Nolan are set to get pretty steamy this season. Take that, Ems!

Do you think Emily and Nolan will grow apart? Weigh in below!

Source: TV Guide


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