Emily Thorne made it clear in Revenges pilot episode that this is not a story of forgiveness. And though it makes for excellent television, enacting revenge subsequently increases your list of enemies.

Our favorite daddy’s girl certainly has quite a few potential threats, but come Season 2, it looks like there’s a new Big Bad in town.

In a recent interview with Fanbolt.com, actress Emily VanCamp revealed who Ms. Thorne’s watching out for in Season 2.

“There is also a new villain who is amazing,” Emily teased. “He gives the show new life and broadens the definition of revenge in that he takes it beyond the Graysons and moves it into a whole other realm for Emily.”

Color us curious! Could this be the mystery man in black that Emily threatens on the beach in the new promo?

What do you think of this new villain? Tell us below!

Source: Fanbolt.com

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