Say it ain’t so, Revengers! True, everyone’s life is constantly in the balance on our favorite ABC drama, but typically when a badass character is in trouble, show creator Mike Kelley finds a way to save them (à la Victoria Grayson).

But we’re still a bit nervous after reading actor Gabriel Mann’s latest interview with TV Addict about the sexy sidekick, Nolan Ross.

“Mike’s intentions this year is to really take the cast of characters we have and give them as much juice as possible,” Gabe revealed. “As to whether that means somebody is going to not make it, very likely! Will that be me, possibly, I don’t know.”

[Pause as our heart stops]

“I’m having a great time on the show and am not quite ready to give up the Hamptons just yet, but anything can happen,” he continued.

Shut. The. Clam. Cam.

Please tell us that Gabe is just pulling Declan’s man-chain!

We highly doubt that Revenge would get rid of one of the biggest fan favorites, but do you think it’s possible? Weigh in below!

Source: TV Addict

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