When we saw Padma Lahari’s seemingly lifeless body lying on a weird slab of cement inside The Initiative’s holding space in Revenge Season 2, Episode 18, “Masquerade,” we originally thought homegirl was a goner.

But then the synopsis for Episode 19, “Identity,” came out, leaving us unsure of Ms. Lahari’s true fate. The synopsis reads:

Desperate to find Padma, Emily, Aiden and Nolan must track down the Falc0n's true identity and put a stop to the Initiative while Emily struggles with her future and Victoria fights her own battle after a very exposing interview on Nightline.

If they’re searching for Padma does that mean she’s not really dead? Sadly no. We’ve definitely seen the last of the Nolcorp CFO.

TVLine confirms that Padma is “dead as a doornail,” and show creator Mike Kelley tells the site even more about Nolan’s lady love

“The hunt for Padma completed with Aiden finding her dead,” Mike said. “We kind of table the Padma story until the finale.”

Are you sad to see Padma go or had her character’s storyline played out? Tell us below!

Source: TVLine