Now we’re not trying to point any fingers, but one floppy-haired barkeep has been far too brooding for our taste these days (Hint: His name rhymes with Mack Schmorter). Revenge’s favorite single dad is so busy bathing in a tub of angst that he’s pushed away his true love, Emily Thorne.

But in a way his actions are justified considering Emily hasn’t given Jack a single piece of the truth since our favorite shoreside drama began. Now he’s looking for answers in the wake of Fauxmanda Clarke’s death and is being disappointed by Emily at every turn.

First he finds out that Ems and Mandy went to juvie together, meaning Emily’s been lying to Jack this whole time. Then the Hamptonite starts dating Daniel Grayson, the son of the man responsible for his wife’s death. Whoops!

Jack doesn’t know that he’s pretty much on the same team as Emily, who is also trying to take the Graysons down. But with Emily and Daniel’s upcoming engagement, Jack’s reached a boiling point with his former flame.

In the spoiler photos from Episode 20, “Engagement,” Jack confronts Emily on her front porch, presumably about her impending nuptials. In the promo for Episode 19, “Identity,” Emily tells Jack that she owes him an explanation, but will the Revenger finally give the seaman the truth?

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