Emily Thorne’s not the only Revenger with womanly charm. Ice queen Victoria Grayson started this whole story thanks to her affair with David Clarke. She’s also hooked up with artist Dominik Wright and her former head of security, Frank Stevens, was semi-obsessed with her. 

And now another powerful man wants a piece of the Vicki Grayson pie. Conrad’s former business rival, Jason Prosser, seems to have an interest in Victoria for a number of reasons.

Not only is she feeding him precious business intel, but she’s also the prize possession of his former rival and the mother of his new rival. 

Needless to say, she’s a desirable conquest for this business mogul. In a new sneak peek clip for this Sunday’s episode, “Collusion,” Victoria gives Jason some key information on Stonehaven United in order to keep Daniel away from The Initiative’s project. 

Jason is overly appreciative of the intel and with a smile says, “Should that come to pass, I hope you’ll allow me to thank you.”

Oh you bet she will, mister! 

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