Things are getting serious in the Hamptons. Billionaires are being played by scamming CFOs, other billionaires are spending $1 million on a bottle of bad wine, and former jewelry thieves are raising babies on boats. It’s bad, y’all!

So it makes sense that one of our key Hamptonites would take a turn for the worse. According to the synopsis for this Sunday’s episode, “Collusion,” Aiden Mathis “takes a very dark turn.”

This could have something to do with Helen Crowley’s orders for him to kill Victoria Grayson, or perhaps the fact that Aiden’s sister, Colleen, will make her first appearance. This could be in a flashback, but the memory of his lost sister could drive this trigger-happy Brit over the edge.

Could Aiden actually go through with his mission to take out the Ice Queen, or will his loyalty to Emily stop him just in time? Tell us your thoughts below!