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Daniel Grayson’s been barking up the wrong tree lately. He ousted his father, Conrad, for the top spot at Grayson Global, and is about to face the wrath of The Initiative in return. 

Being the protective, overbearing mother that she is, Victoria is prepared to do anything to keep her son safe. When bribing and exploiting Danny’s ex-honey, Ashley Davenport, as a prostitute didn’t work, she turned to the natural next choice — Emily Thorne.

Vicki calls Ems over for some afternoon tea and scheming and proceeds to tell her that she’s concerned about Danny’s “disturbing behavior” since he broke off his engagement to Ems.

Carefully leaving out any mention of The Initiative or the threats Conrad’s been receiving, Victoria uses lemonade and her Jedi mind tricks to try to convince Ems to help her son.

Will it work? Guess you’ll have to tune into Revenge when it returns from winter hiatus.

Revenge Season 2, Episode 10, “Power,” airs Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013 at 9 p.m ET on ABC.

Credit: SpoilerGuide Photo: Revenge Season 2, Episode 10, "Power," Sneak Peek — Victoria Asks For Emily's Help in Reaching Daniel (VIDEO)