As always, Revenge’s Victoria Grayson and Emily Thorne have much more in common than they’d like to think. Though the two frequently are on opposing teams, they often share similar goals.

TV Guide recently reported some details on Victoria Grayson’s mother, Marion, who will be returning for the Nov. 25 flashback episode, “Lineage.”

At the end of the article, the site slipped in the spoiler that show creator Mike Kelley “eventually plans to have Victoria go search for her MIA daddy.”

We have a feeling that this search will somewhat parallel Emily’s search for her formerly missing mother, Kara Wallace Clarke.

Apart from Victoria’s heartbreaking regret over the loss and betrayal of David Clarke, we’ve never seen the Ice Queen in a particularly vulnerable position before, so this search could prove interesting.

Are you interested to see Victoria go after her father? Tell us below!

Source: TV Guide

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