So far Season 2’s Victoria Grayson has been a playful puppy in comparison to last season’s ruthless villain. But Revenge’s favorite bandage dress owner is about to step up her game in a big way. 

Actress Madeleine Stowe recently spoke with Access Hollywood about Victoria’s shift coming later this season.

“Rather than having The Initiative as the outside villain, it’s back to Victoria. It’s all coming back,” she revealed.  

And though Vicki and Ems were working together for the good of Daniel, things are about to change.

“They will ostensibly be friendly, but they’re just going to be stabbing each other in the back at every turn possible,” Madeleine continued. “Emily’s really going to start to focus back on Victoria and Victoria’s going to try to destroy Emily.”

And though Victoria’s set to be this season’s villain, Madeleine continues to claim that her character isn’t 100 percent bad news.  

“I don’t believe she’s pure evil,” she said. “I believe she’s protecting what she has to protect.”

Do you agree with Madeleine? Is Victoria really evil or just taking care of her family? Weigh in below!

Source: Access Hollywood