If you’ve been a fan of Revenge from the beginning, you remember that back when Emily Thorne was young Amanda Clarke her one true love was Jack Porter.

But since Ems has returned to the Hamptons with a different identity and a mission, she’s put her true love on the backburner. Unfortunately, Fauxmanda Clarke and her stripper skills quickly moved in on Em’s man.

Now Jack is about to marry Mandy thinking she’s really his childhood sweetheart, but new photos reveal that Jack’s already been married once to the real Amanda Clarke (aka present day Emily Thorne).

Apparently Jack and Emily had a pretend childhood wedding with David Clarke and Sammy the Dog in attendance. And though it wasn’t real or legal, we’re still obsessed with how adorable the whole thing is!

Do you think Jack belongs with the mother of his child, Fauxmanda, or his childhood sweetheart, Emily? Tell us below!