Though we originally thought Mason Treadwell had figured out Emily Thorne’s identity at the end of last week’s episode of Revenge, the dirt-digging journalist didn’t uncover the real truth until tonight’s stressful episode, "Penance."

Mason was convinced Emily and Amanda were jailhouse lovers, but, naturally, he got it all wrong. His threats were putting him in more danger than he realized. Amanda wasn’t ready to put Jack and baby Carl in danger, so she paid Mason a special visit.

But before Amanda had the chance to off Mason, Emily stopped her and revealed the real link between the two juvy besties. At first we thought Emily had some major guts telling Mason the truth, but she used the situation to her advantage.

She had Mason framed for the murder of Gordon Murphy and then was able to convince the writer to stay in jail in return for rights to her complete story. Talk about a twist!

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