Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Ashley Davenport Looks Serious in Revenge Season 2, Episode 6, "Illusion"

Last we saw Revenge’s Ashley Davenport, she got her freak on with two married men and was promptly sent packing by her now-ex-boyfriend, Daniel Grayson, departing the Hamptons with her tail between her legs.

After all of her hard work for the Graysons, could this ladder-climber really be gone for good, though? Don’t count on it.

"Ashley goes away for a little bit," portrayer Ashley Madekwe told E! News. "She goes to lick her wounds, but then she's back. Guns blazing!"

Ashley with a gun? We shudder at the thought. She learned quite a bit from her other ex-boyfriend, Tyler Barrol (R.I.P.) — or at least about what not to do — and we’re curious if Emily Thorne gave her any tricks of the trade through the years ...

But let’s just tackle one mystery at a time, Revengers! Do you think Ashley has her own revengenda, or will she just try to take down the Graysons? Sound off below!

Source: E! News

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